Michael P Vandenbergh is the David Daniels Allen Distinguished Chair of Law at Vanderbilt University. He is also Director of the Climate Change Research Network and Co-director of the Energy, Environment and Land Use Program.

Michael talks to us about his new book: Beyond Politics: The Private Governance Response to Climate Change.

Far from a rallying cry to Governments to act when they’ve spent years and decades ignoring the problem, Beyond Politics, as the title suggests, goes into how the private and household sectors can combine to make a huge impact in mitigating climate change.

If you have ever wondered how you, as in individual or a leader in your business, can become part of the solution to climate change, this book is full of inspiring knowledge for you.


  • Why Governments have traditionally struggled to tackle this problem.
  • Why we can’t expect any meaningful change from politicians.
  • The magnitude of impact that small changes, at the household level can make to tackling the problem of climate change.
  • How businesses can (and are already) help much more than bureaucrats.
  • Why cleaning up your business practices can actually drive profitability,
  • And much more.

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