“A thoughtful and far-ranging new book. … Vandenbergh and Gilligan offer a sober and well-grounded reminder that real change depends on much more than formal government.”

— David G. Victor,
Professor of Global Policy and Strategy, University of California San Diego.

Beyond Politics offers a timely, insightful roadmap for bypassing gridlock on climate change.

— Carol M. Browner,
Senior Counselor, Albright Stonebridge Group,
Distinguished Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress,
former Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under President Bill Clinton,
former Assistant to the President and Director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy under President Barack Obama.

The book offers a fresh, collaborative approach to the climate problem.

— William D. Ruckelshaus,
Strategic Director, Madrona Venture Group,
Chair, Advisory Board, William D. Ruckelshaus Center, Washington State University and University of Washington,
Former Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under Presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon,
Former Chairman and CEO, Browning-Ferris Industries.

Beyond Politics provides a fresh, much-needed perspective on how the private sector can bypass government gridlock on climate change.

— John D. Graham, Ph.D.,
Dean, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University,
former Administrator, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, under President George W. Bush.

Industry can help lead the effort to address climate change, and this book provides an important roadmap.

— Joe Kaeser,
President and Chief Executive Officer, Siemens AG.

Vandenbergh and Gilligan provide an optimistic view of the climate problem, showing how the private sector can bypass government gridlock over the next decade. This book will appeal to scholars, business and advocacy group managers, policymakers, and anyone interested in a new approach to climate change.

— Steven Harper,
Global Director, Environment and Energy Policy, Intel Corporation.

In Beyond Politics, Professors Vandenbergh and Gilligan powerfully demonstrate how private sector action on climate change has moved from theory to real and promising impact in the marketplace of today. Drawing on law, policy, and social science, their book provides an optimistic roadmap showing how the private sector, leveraging customer-supplier relationships as part of the solution, can bypass government gridlock and reduce carbon emissions by a billion tons annually.

— Jackie Roberts,
Chief Sustainability Officer, The Carlyle Group.

Beyond Politics: The Private Governance Response to Climate Change is an imposing work of academic scholarship…. But [the] engaging, accessible writing style makes the slog a pleasant one for the diligent reader. Vandenbergh and Gilligan make a sincere, passionate, even eloquent case to both conservative and liberal skeptics, the former skeptical as to climate policy in general and big government in particular, the latter concerned about undermining the case of strong governmental action on climate.”

— G. Tracy Mehan III,
Adjunct professor at the Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University, and executive director for government affairs at the American Water Works Association.