Good Law | Bad Law #112 - Lawmakers May Not Hold the Key to Climate Change

Aaron Freiwald, Managing Partner of Freiwald Law and host of the weekly podcast Good Law | Bad Law, is joined by Michael Vandenbergh and Jonathan Gilligan from Vanderbilt University to talk about the future of climate change.


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How can private industry make the quickest impact on climate change?

Sometimes, the law cannot solve a problem or, when it comes to climate change, arguably the biggest problem our country faces. Michael, an environmental lawyer, and Jonathan, a climate scientist, join the show today to talk about a book they recently co-authored called, Beyond Politics: The Private Governance Response to Climate Change. In their book, they argue that the private sector, not the government, provides the biggest potential for making a significant difference in climate change in the short term. Michael and Jonathan discuss the background of the climate crisis we face and why, they argue, we cannot afford to wait for the federal government to take action to address the crisis. Fortunately, some major American businesses are already making significant progress in reducing their carbon footprint to help limit the effects of climate change.